What We Offer

A Force For Growth

Xede is a consultancy that services organizations that wish to create a seamless customer experience through the Salesforce.com suite of technologies .

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Salesforce is a powerful platform for growing your company. Xede helps our clients realize its full potential through strategy, consulting and support.

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Technical & Business Knowledge

We’ve assembled a team with the ideal mix of technical and business knowledge to confidently guide organizations toward their goals.

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“We operate in the greatest era of change that business has ever experienced — fueled by the fast shift into the digital era, rapidly changing marketplaces, customer patterns that drive the need to transform products and services; redefine business and revenue models, and break down barriers to new competition. We know hiring the right partner makes and breaks customer’s success and we take that seriously. Our promise to drive high value, honor your trust and deliver is proven, and we look forward to working with you to unlock your organizations’ potential.”

John Birgbauer
CEO – Founder


9.5 CSAT


500+ Projects


Salesforce Certifications

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